Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a simple tuesday

Today was like any other Tuesday.  You are already in my bed  when Dada leaves the house to catch the early morning train.  You are kicking and thrashing around, head butting me and keen to get going with the day.  You swivel your butt around so you go down legs first and then patter off into the house to greet the doggies good morning. You bring numerous objects to the bedside to encourage me to rise.  I moan a bit and roll over,  sit up and then  let the light in.  Our day begins.

I turn on Radio National, open up all the blinds, change your nappy, put on the kettle and peel you a banana.  I start the daily ritual of porridge, pot of tea, some peanut butter toast  and trying to distract you with your ongoing cheeky requests for "more booby?"  Books , books, books.  Then into the cupboards again.  Back to books and then on to brmm, brmms.

Already the house is half trashed as we sit down to our oats.  You are still really full on at the table.  Constant requests for food from my bowl, wanting my spoon instead, more milk.  It is hard keeping you on the job.  And yes food still goes everywhere.  You are gradually learning to wait and have a little patience. 

Then comes the big clean up.

I can now leave you playing so I can have a shower by myself.  Something to really savour.  I get myself ready quickly and then we decide what you will be wearing. But getting you pinned down and changed I understand the term 'baby wrangling'.  You have started protesting on certain clothes, a big scream tells me not this one today.

When you are dressed the dogs start getting excited.  They run back and forth with some mirth and you are hankering to get out the door.  I double check we have everything.  Today we needed lots of tissues as well as your nose is running like a tap.  Off we go, along the creek, trying to find the sunny spots as the icy wind is piercing.  You never want to stay in the pram.  So once across the road and into the safety of the park, you are released from your shackles and off you march.  Collecting sticks of all sizes for me to store on top of the stroller.  You wave hello to all passers by.  The excitement on your face when you see older boys wizz past on their scotters has me thinking of years to come, when that will be you my spunky boy.

After an hour we are home.  Playing outside.  I usually boil some eggs for a snack and also prepare an early lunch for you.  I check emails, blogs, do some swift comments, think about dinner and make some small preparations for. Unload the washing maching and dishwasher.  You help me hang the clothes on the line.  You are so  strong wanting to carry the basket on your own.  Before I know it you are eating again, food is  going everywhere,  you are getting whingy and asking for Booby now. A much treasured small breastfeed.  You really snuggle in, playing with my hair and  my shirt. Off to bed now, a book and then to  your midday sleep.

Finally I can have my daily cup of coffee.  I tune into the radio again.  Today I needed then to do some packing of boxes for our trip in one week.  Then I started on dinner.  Beef and vegetable casserole.  I  tell myself I really deserve this last piece of the chocolate cake I made on the weekend.  I explore new camera options on the net and check out a few more blog updates.  Phone calls and bills made.

You stir at 3pm.  We read  a book on dinosuars.  We play with building blocks.  You turned 19 months yesterday.  Your language ability is exploding.  Perhaps 5 new words every day.  You ask me "what's that?" constantly. You have started saying little sentences.  We gather up your dear softies and we cuddle on the lounge.  We listen to some of your music.  You are a crazy dancer.  Then you happily play alone for sometime as I finish more chores.

At 5pm the door bell rings.  Dogs and you run to the front door.  Invariably you are bowled over by Dan.

It is amazing how this day has just gone.  It was completely occupied by simple domestic chores, the essential dog walk and your sleep and your joyous play.

Today is the last Tuesday that we will have time like this together, just you me and the dogs for a wee little while.  I love you very much sweet Che.  I can't wait to have these simple Tuesdays again.  Only  3 and a bit more months my little man.

Maybe I will find this harder than you.  Dada will be there with you.  It will be me hurrying home to greet your shiny face at the door.


Anonymous said...

The best kind of day. A day to treasure.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Such a special time.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

What a beautiful post! Captured the beauty of spending time just being with your little one and doing the things you do to get through the day. I loved reading this xx

Jane said...

Oh Jill, and you asked which camera to buy? You need to best SLR you can afford sister, to capture all of the above! I love your creative writing about your day. It took me back a few years with my two. We always had corn thins with peanut paste for morning tea and sat outside in the sunshine. thanks for the happy memories. Jx

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

So very much like our Tuesday today. This made my skin tingle Jill. The simplicity is what makes it so special.

Sending you hugs and well wishes for a smooth transition.

Imagine the hugs you will get when you walk in the door.


tea with lucy said...

what a beautiful post jill. loved the telling of the simple things that make up a wonderful day. so much i could relate to. xo rachel

Cate B said...

brought a tear to my eye Jill. Thinking of you with the big move drawing very close now.....keep safe and stay in touch x

sarah said...

So lovely to read and imagine!

trudi@maudeandme said...

It's the simple things that are special.
And your 3 1/2 months will fly by!

trudi@maudeandme said...

It's the simple things that are special.
And your 3 1/2 months will fly by!

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Jill..these are just what years of my life consisted of before they all grew up and now here I am..just remembering. I remember too that on certain days when I was swamped by it all..I wondered whether there would ever be an end to it all too..there was! Now, I see the treasure more clearly too.

Sam-O said...

Gorgeous post.

I love these days. I'm dreading the end of them. ;)

Kamana said...

I miss those days. Such special times.

one claire day said...

You had me captivated with your tale of an ordinary day! "More booby?" - too cute!!!

Lovely blog :)
claire x

Maxabella said...

I really enjoyed spending the day with you and Che. Such special, ordinary times. x

Anonymous said...

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