Wednesday, December 22, 2010

its ok

After a  little bit of soul searching have decided its ok to continue.  I really really appreciate the little bit of connection with fellow bloggers I've had so far.  I feel so grateful to have had this opportunity to finally be a parent with all the challenges.  Being me is ok.

I do often wish I could be better at a lot of things.  A better partner, mother, organiser, Doctor, and especially a better friend.  I often get caught up in the small stuff.  The bigger picture is very bright.

Best wishes everyone and take care over what can be a bit of crazy time.


Vicki said...

Hi Jillian,
Just read your last 2 blogs! Yes, do continue! I love to read of your thoughts, on the darling Che, on your family time, on the house plans, on how you stay up all night studying for your exam but still you manage to do everything you need to. I visit other blogs but am now very tired of all the glitzy photos and reports of the shopping/dining/expensive surprise trips to the theatre. It's boring. It's tedious to even get half way through. Whatever Che thinks about your record of life is out of your hands, in many ways it is similar to a photo album/diary but I think the big difference is the presentation of emotion. When you talk of his birth, his playing, his sleeping it is with such love and what grown child could not be moved and love their mother even more after reading it. It's like a treasure and a comfort. I am the same in a way as you although I have just started blogging, I like the fact that I can process my thoughts that were just swimming around in my head without closure, so I will continue for a while for that benefit. And lastly, don't wish to be better... you already are! You are gentle and kind and full of thoughtfulness!
Remember kind to yourself.
Sending lots of happy thoughts

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I do hope you continue you here. I truly enjoy your interesting take on the world around you. xx

Anonymous said...

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