Friday, October 14, 2011

desert rose

The roses have been in full bloom here in Broken Hill for a few weeks now.  Most gardens that are  not overgrown with salt bush seem to have a few bushes adorning their entrance.  Their scent is easily caught on your afternoon walk.  They seem to thrive in this semi-arid climate.

Thank you for all the tips on my sewing dilemma in my previous post.  I been making some design changes in my head.  I really have been wanting to create something sweet for my early morning breakfast.  I think every woman needs a  cheery start to her day.  I may wait to finish this project for when I return to my own dining table.  To pull the whole thing together.

A bit of sad news yesterday.  Our dear Dan the dog has been confirmed to have bladder cancer.  So it is only a matter of time.  But we don't really know how long.  I know you cannot compare apples with oranges, but it is the same type of cancer that my best friend succumbed to earlier this year.  Endeavouring to make his last days the happiest.

Much love and peace to you


trudi@maudeandme said...

Sorry to hear about your dog.I think we feel it deeply when our pets are ill because they are so dependant on you and they give you so much trust. It will be heartbreaking.

Jane said...

Oh Jill, tat is rotten news. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you can keep the pain at bay for as long as possible. J x

sean the prawn said...

So sorry to hear about Darling Dan. I'm sure you'll make his last days special ones. Great that he & Che have had time to get to know each other.
The rose photos are lovely, such beautiful flowers, I cherish them in my garden & always stop for a sniff.
We toyed with the idea of driving out to visit you guys over the long weekend but realized much more time was needed for the drive & to do the Town justice.

Jane said...

oh Jill, that will be a hard goodbye when Dan goes to sleep. I know you will all make the most of the time you have left with him. I can picture him on the edge of the lake the other day, dear ole fella.
The roses are are wonderful aren't they. we're enjoying a nice showing in our little part of the world too.
Love and peace to you. Jane x

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Oh, poor Dan. And Poor you. That's a sad ending for any living creature.

Take comfort in the beauty the is surrounding you! Thanks for sharing that beauty with us!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh darling puppy, so unfair.
Maybe you could bring home some of those amazing desert roses & plant them as a memory of your sweet Dan dog. Love Posie

Naturally Carol said...

Oh, Jill I'm so sad to read about Dan. He's in the best hands though, with a family who loves him...I know you'll comfort him right until the end. Roses do really well in areas without high humidity as they don't succumb to black spot and other fungal diseases.

Vic said...

So sorry to hear about your dog, I'm sure he's enjoying all the attention & basking in your love.

Lovely roses. I have never been much of a flower lover but since I'm not "allowed" to grow anything but veg in our yard, I kind of have a longing for them now.

Vicki said...

Dearest Jill,

I am so very sorry about Dan, poor him. It's the saddest thing ever to say goodbye and I don't even know if anything will give you comfort but I remember all the photos of him with you on your walks, playing in the garden, catching balls, going on holiday...that's a good life and I've not even mentioned the love he's received all these years. When Rhonda lost Alice she said... If you put your love for your dog on a tipping scale, and along side it piled on all the fun times you had with him, all those times he snuggled up to you, all the times he made you laugh, that is the amount of grief on the other side of the scale that is needed to balance it out...
Much love to you Jill,

Unknown said...

Thes photos are absolutely beautiful! Makes me sad that winter is coming... I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say hi! What great pictures you take!

come on over and visit!


Tania said...

So sorry to hear about your dear dog. I suspect our 12 year old doggie is on her last legs. She has been with us since we were newlyweds and it will feel like a chapter is closing. Amazing how those beautiful roses thrive despite the arid landscape.

Valerie said...

i had lost your link, and could remember the exact name of your blog that i discovered rather recently... so i'm glad you visited me again because it just rang the bell.
but i'm so sorry to hear this sad news, and even more the awful reminder it must be for you. i'm a cat momma, who lost quite a few babes, so i know the pain. and i lost too many people i loved because of cancer.
a cuddle to your sweet guy. no doubt you'll give him all your love as long as he doesn't suffer. you'll be in my thoughts & i'm going to make sure your link is bookmarked this time.

Valerie said...

sorry... couldn't...
hugs (if you don't mind) i feel you could need at least one.