Sunday, October 9, 2011


A weekend away on Menindee lake had me thinking about my capacity. What am I really capable of doing?.  How much do I think I should work?  How to balance time alone and time with family. Time to craft and create and blog, and time just to hang out.  Taking life as it comes.

I decided on a softie project.  I was going to call him "Fred".  That was my nickname when I was a littlie.  But at times you make mistakes, take too long doing it, get all cramped up, it really is hard on your neck. Well I have since pulled him apart and started again.  You know what I thought, I really should be out there playing.  Fred is now rising from the ashes again, slowly.

Balancing aspiration with desire.  Being in the moment and planning for the future.  Having home cooked meals, a clean smelling house, a well exercised body and mind, a happy family and a reliable income.

Grateful to be even able to have these choices.  To ponder them.

Old Dan dog has been a sick boy.  A few weeks ago I really thought he would be leaving us.  He has pulled through, for now.  Danny boy was so happy to be swimming again.  I could see him smiling.

Thank goodness we have had family here the last week.  Hanging out together.  Sitting under the big open skies.  Helping to balance my thoughts and mood.  Love you guys.

How do you find balance in your life?  And thank you so much for dropping by.

xxx Jill


Jane said...

A thoughtful and insightful post, Jill. That 'balance thing' is one of my ever-present imponderables. You are not alone! J x

Deb @ home life simplified said...

Beautiful post - both words and images. I am loving your photos - as I said we have been to Broken Hill and surrounds and one of my favourite possessions is a signed print of Menindee by Roxanne Minchin - it hangs in my bedroom wherever we live - beautiful!

Balance? It has always been the hardest aspect of motherhood for me. I am slightly selfish and have made sure I put my needs high on the list at the expense of my husband. I found that once I took care of the girls' needs, the house and myself (so I could stay sane) there was always so little left for him (both from me and in terms of leaving wiggle room for him to have me-time too).

I think the trick for me is not to find balance on a daily basis but rather looked at as a whole. When I feel the crankiness start within one area of life then that is the sign I might need to rejig things. (This becomes most clear to m e during school holidays when I am around family 24/7 many days. I know myself and I need alone time and start getting a tad obnoxious after a while and realize mom just needs to go somewhere alone today to regroup and rebalance myself)

Sandrine said...

Hi Gill, those photos are beautiful, the lake looks really amazing with the trees in the middle...Balance? I wish I knew :)Sometimes I "over think" and that can tip my balance :)Family and friends around are priceless to help with some kind of balance I think?!All the best xx

Naturally Carol said...

Life is like a pendulum..swinging one way and then the next. Balance is what is achieved when it swings back to centre for a time. Get involved in life's pursuits wholeheartedly while loving the Lord and the pendulum will swing back into balance. It is the whole not the part which ends up balanced.

trudi@maudeandme said...

Jill those photos of the lake are just the most amazing photos. The third photo I love, love , love!
I'm always reassessing the "balance".
But I have found that if I look after myself ( physical and mental health) first then I'm better and more capable of caring for the rest of the family. Had to learn this the hard way though.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I feel calmer, happier after reading this. First, the pictures are wonderful - you live in such a beautiful part of the world!

I've been struggling with balance lately - not enough time and energy left to feel creative. Life is so packed that I need everything to be okay , to go according to plan. But when things go wrong, or don't go at all is where you find the good stuff, the kernels of creativity.

Think I'll hang out under the big sky and think on that.

Thanks for this post and glad Old Dan made it back!

Jane said...

Hi Jill. The old 'balance' topic. I'm with you 100%. For the last five years I have worked in a job that pays much less than I could be earning, however, it allows me the family time and flexibility I need at this time in my life. As the universe would have it, it turns out to be a job (aged care) that is more meaningful and rewarding than any other job i've ever had. What I don't do enough of, is put aside enough time for the creative side of my brain, as much as my husband encourages me to.
You will know only too well.. My doctor asked me how long my heal had been painful and I said about two years. when he asked why I hadn't been to see him sooner, I told him I am a mother and I work. He smiled and reminded me of the importance of looking after me too!
Hope you have a great week. Jane x

Maxabella said...

Aaaahh... I love it, Jill. x

one claire day said...

Beautiful, thought provoking post. It's challenging trying to do everything, that's for sure.

I especially loved what you said about being torn between being present and planning for the future. This is an ongoing struggle for me and my family...

But like you said - how lucky are we to be able to ponder such things...

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,
As usual and of course your post set me it even possible to have balance in one's life. How is one able to have this thing called balance if you don't have health, adequate money, a strong family connection, a good marriage, etc and yet millions of people are in this position and are happy and positive. Maybe it comes down to being content with what's on the table at the moment, with knowing that life changes every day and the best we can do is to be our best, warts and all. Maybe we are differant things at differant times and the balance comes towards the end. I'm still thinking over this one!
Look at your crocheting! And Dan, he would have adored his swim! You're giving him such a good life.

Catherine said...

I enjoy this post, it reminds me that I need to step back and enjoy these times with my family before they grow and to remember myself too. Balancing is a struggle but I find that it's a matter of letting go of some things and trying to remember that some things will get more attention then others, this is hard though. It looks like you had a lovely time by the lake. xo