Tuesday, October 18, 2011

remote living

We leave Broken Hill in 12 days.  Our minds are preoccupied with finishing off work, projects and reflecting on our time away.  The quandary for me is the life that I have dedicated as a professional women and the desire to have a nourishing home life.  I have  a lot of skill and knowledge to offer.  People depend on me.

I have worked remote before and really loved it.  I lived on an Island, in another culture.  I still have waves of thought about doing this again.  Then the pull of being part of a community, having one's own abode and putting down roots tugs at me.

                             Next year the door is open.  Really anything could be on the agenda.

What are your plans for the next year or so?  Maybe too big a question?.

Much love and peace to you


A Farmer's Wife said...

It is a hard balance to achieve, using skills but having a stable family and home life.

We are currently very short staffed here, it is hard to say no when there is no-one else around to do the job.

I love the house photos in this post. I adore verandahs and roses.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh no, always planning. Actually in one year we will have a farm, yes we will, a whole lot closer to you in Bowral, as in between Canberra & Goulburn & we'll be busy building a homestead & a whole new life. I think it's just the thing to do with 4 teenagers on the horizon, build the space you know you'll need, & then some. I also think animals are incredibly important, they can go whinge to the sheep or ride a horse & let their worries float away. Much better than sulking in a bedroom on line with friends.
That is one serious thing i want - family time at home, is exactly that, they need sleep not Face Book & social interactions with each other & us. Mobile phones & laptops are not to go into bedrooms, use a real phone like we had to!! Or i don't know, actually study??!!
That is my full time job, raising these children & when my husband retires from the Army & so many war zones, integrate him back into our lives. Love Posie

tea with lucy said...

i can't believe your time there is ending already.

it's a tough one. i get excited by new spaces and places. that sense of adventure. but by the same token i need to put down roots for a while and build a nest that i can get attached to.

hope you find the right place for you.

yaga said...

Wow, sounds like you have big plans... I have to catch up, I'm curious.
Was just dropping by to say THANK YOU!! for your beautiful bunting and the wonderful card that you sent me!
Thank you so much, I love them!
Much crafty love

Felicity said...

Wowee Jill you have given me a completely different perspective of BH - thank you for this gift.

I'm not sure what the coming year will hold but I have my fingers tightly crossed for solid health and consistent fulfilling work - I wonder what that might be?

Enjoy the final days of your adventure.

Jane said...

Gee Jill, that has gone so fast. If you do go to another place to work again, it would be a wonderful life experience for Che too. Perhaps the answer will become clearer when you arrive back home. Will it still feel like home, or will you have itchy feet??? all will soon be revealed. Relish the time you have left in BH, as I'm sure you will. No doubt you have touched the lives of those you have met there. Jane x

Sandrine said...

Enjoy your last few days and wishing you the best :) xx

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,

Your photos are fabulous, love the ironwork, the bloke on the verandah looks as though he's having a mental pause, and the little houses with their own personalities. You are in a quandry here but it's easy, (!) buy a house and live in it for 6 months, the other 6 months live elsewhere. Two sets of community and schooling for Che, you can explore and still give in a professional way but your house is waiting for you always.
Next year I hope that we will have sold our house, have relocated to Canberra, the girls will be accepted into Uni (Chantals age is proving to be a stumbling block here) Peter will have found a job and that we will find a reno to make our forever home.

Lots of Love,

Naturally Carol said...

It must feel good to have accomplished your goals in Broken Hill and be free to go home now, enriched by the experience. Who knows what next year will bring, but I wish you every good thing. One thing I am sure of is that someone somewhere will be requiring all that knowledge and experience that you have!