Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Broken Hill Bloggy Buddy Bunting

A lovely crafty memory I have of my time here in BH is taking part in the bunting swap, organised by the most talented Rach from Squiggly Rainbow.  I was thinking that all the different creations may not necessarily go together, but once all sewn up with red bias binding, I think it really is a testimony to all the collective goodness that is the blogging community.  I don't think my time here would not have passed so happily without you out there.

Our last few days here are what you can imagine.  So apologies for now for not coming by your place at the moment.  Likely to see you back when I am far East of here.

x Jill


Felicity said...

What a lovely memento from your time [in addition to the purchased art and photos] in BH.
The colours all sit beautifully together and I'm sure it will be a smile-maker for a long time to come.

Happy day Lovely!

Jane said...

how special is that! Safe travels dear Jill. I hope you enjoy opening the front door when you get home. Jane x

Naturally Carol said...

Eclectic bunting..I love it! Have a safe and wonderful trip back home Jill, I look forward to hearing that you are back in your own house after everything.

trudi@maudeandme said...

How has that time traveled?! Do you have plans for your return?
They look great together by the way. I 'm still waiting on my final.

Jane said...

Ah, I love craft with a special tale like that, Jill. Something to treasure indeed. J x

Catherine said...

Blogging and crafting are wonderful ways to connect with other like minded people and to remind you of special times. I hope the move goes smoothly and I look forward to seeing you when you a nice and settled back at home. xo

Sandrine said...

This bunting is almost like a little story written by each of your buddies :)
Have a safe and happy travel Jill xx

tea with lucy said...

ultimate gorgeousness. i love how these have all come together! xo