Tuesday, July 5, 2011

self care

Well this post has been going round and round in my head.  I came to a point of feeling so depleted and my tiredness worried me.   I have been anticipating our next move now with some trepidation.  We leave in 18 days.

I have made an effort to go through our things and our life in a systematic way.  Room by room, each cupboard, each shelf has been sorted through, contemplated, cleaned, rearranged and some has been re- gifted and passed on.  Even though we have been in this cottage for less than a year, still the clutter started to erode my brain.  I still have a bit to do.

Is it just that I am mid forty Mama that sometimes I feel it hard to keep up?  Very broken sleep of course does not help.  Little things do help though.  Like taking that afternoon nap when little one sleeps and not continue to do housework, clean, blog, paperwork.  Also those simple things like putting on some hand creme on to those aging hands, drink more water and less caffeine, maybe even washing my face with some nice cleanser before bedtime and putting on some divine night creme.

The other night I impulsively did an online clothes order.  I hope the sizing is right.  Felt a bit guilty but cannot wait till it arrives.  I quite liked sitting at the screen and co-ordinating my outfit in my own quiet time.

It is very icy and bleak outside with these gale force westerly winds.  The days are very short and it is nice to all huddle together as a family.

Off now to catch up with what all my friends have been up to.


Catherine said...

I think sometimes we forget to think about ourselves in amongst all the other things we need to remember. I agree the little things really can help to lift your spirit. Last night I felt a bit flat and painted my toe nails and gave myself a face mask and it felt really good. Good on you for treating yourself to some new clothes, I'd much rather shop at home then go to the shops. Goodluck with the rest of the packing. xo

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Lovely to see you back Jill. Agree, I find a good declutter very therapeutic...good for the soul.

oooh, I like a bit of online shopping, a much easier option than taking the cherubs around the stores.

I'm sure your outfit will be great.

Keep warm...x

Kellie xox

Anonymous said...

It's not your age, it's the motherhood professional that does it to you. I'm so glad you're taking care of yourself and your home, I think it's good for your health, which can only be good for your family.
More bloggers should take a lead out of your book. Lovely to have you back. :)

A Farmer's Wife said...

Jill, I am a mid (OK lateish) 30s mum and I regularly feel like I can't keep up. Like yourselves we are moving soon and there seems to be too much to do. (Although, even normal days sometimes give me the feeling that there is too much to do.)

Sometimes I think we just have to look after ourselves just a little bit and concentrate on one task at a time rather than going into a flat spin trying to think about everything that needs to be done. There is a lot to be said for one foot after another.

Take care.

Jane said...

Oh Jill, I hear you. Remembering my need for 'self care' is my endless pursuit. Well done you for recognising what you need. J x

Naturally Carol said...

I am so glad you popped in to see me..I've missed you! I hope your online shopping cheers you up tonight..thank you!

Kate said...

It is so hard to remember to look after yourself when the whirl wind is spinning around you but that's probably the most important time. I hope your move goes smoothly and that you land somewhere wonderful.

sarah said...

Take care Jill. I agree with rhythmmethod's comment - motherhood can sometimes deplete you at any age! Especially when you are in the very physical hands-on stage of caring for a toddler. I remember spending all day holding, touching, cleaning, feeding, stroking, carrying, bouncing my little one that I lost a sense of personal space almost. I remember one night I had finally put him to bed and the cat jumped up on my lap for a pat and I just physically didn't have anything left in me to pat him. I think I have heard it referred to as being all 'touched out'! Hope this is not a presumptuous comment to leave. Just another context. Good luck with your move and peace to you over this busy time. Happy to help you with Bali tips too! Take care Jill.

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,

So good to see you back and sounding a wee bit rested,that's a lovely photo of you and rugged up Che.
I don't think your tiredness is anything at all to do with age, I was 38 when I had Chantal and used to take all the kids out in a little rowing boat, for me it's just an overload of too much to do and I don't work outside the home or have a toddler as you do! I'm going to pull back on net time, pre computer days I used to read until 10.30pm then fall asleep but now I'm fluffing around reading things on line, bright light in my face, midnight and most of it doesn't even matter. I have a french friend who considers it routine to do the 'self-care', she goes to a resort spa every birthday and still doesn't regard that as a treat. I have gradually come around to her way of thinking partly because I don't want my daughters to have my 'mum comes last' mentality. I've also noticed that at my age sleep is a beauty tool!
Keep well friend,

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Take care, Jill.

I sometimes think winter and its dark days and general bleh weather makes everything so much harder to bear.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Blocks and Knocks said...

Your blog is lovely and i'm so glad to have stumbled across it. Its hard to have to to care for ourselves but recognizing the need is a great first step.

I am the opposite when it comes to clutter though, I have a slight obsession with throwing things out. I hate clutter, but now my home is so empty i feel like I have to fill it again! But having 2 toddlers.... the photo frames, pretty candles, and ornaments will have to stay in the boxes for a bit longer:)

Jane said...

Hi Jill, nice to hear from you. I hear what yo are saying and I'm sending you a long distance hug. food for thought... when you start moving stuff, packing, you are shifting energy and that can affect your own energy levels. Try and embrace the change and know that you will always be OK. use the lovely handcream until it runs out, then if you can, treat yourself to more. My current favourite is the Grown organic range of lotions. Jane x

Sandrine said...

Yes moving, parenting and all sometimes can take a bit out of us,I can hear what you mean...I hope you keep taking care of yourself as much as your life permit and that your move goes well.
Sandrine x

Emma Galloway said...

Motherhood is really just plain hard work, regardless of what age you may be. It's only now that my youngest is 3 years old that I am starting to really feel like my old self again. I still have bags under my eyes and could do with a little more sleep, but things do get easier. I commend you for even blogging at all with a little one. There is no way I could have strung a comprehensible sentence together a few years ago! Well done for realising you needed a break, you will be a better mum for it. Xxx

Kymmie said...

No matter how tired you feel, it will be often when you will be overwhelmed with all that you do. After all you are a mother. It's what we do. Or don't do (like sleep).

I hope you get through the move though. It's tiring for anyone. And you'll get there. Just go day by day.