Monday, July 25, 2011

on the road

The last few days before leaving we were in a bit of a scramble, trying to make sure all bases were covered.  There is a lot of detail in our modern day lives.  We drove out of our driveway midday on Sunday, as planned.  There are a few things we have  forgotten and left behind but that's ok.

We drove through Goulbourn towards Orange, through rolling pastures and mainly sheep country.  Still some Angus cattle here and there. Now staying in Millthorpe.  An old gold mining town that is experiencing a new glow.  But unfortunatley all the groovy places are closed on Sunday and Monday.  Mental note to come back through here in the latter half of the week. 

The gold mine in Millthorpe is running again and expanding.  But also there is a distinct new groovy vibe emerging in the main street with funky design shops, very cool coffee spot and interesting collectables.  I think there is a bit of money here now, as some of the shops have notices stating they are away in France doing their annual shop abroad and would be back soon with many delights.  So, could be a good thing to visit here  in a month or two.

I love the light out west.  The corrugated iron, the weathered hardwood, the wide open mainstreets. The abandoned toys in the exposed backyards and the hills hoist full of footy jumpers.   I love the old churches and visiting the graveyards out the back and reading the stones.  

Tomorrow we drive through Orange and Parkes and then on to Condoblin.  We are getting off the main track and taking a drive to a small town called Nimagee.  We have booked to stay on a farm there for couple of days.  The last day will be the longest hike through Cobar, Wilcannia and finally arriving in Broken Hill, late Thursday.  The long drives are a bit of a test for the little one. 

The little man does seem enthralled with all the new places to see, sheep, and new people to meet.  I think I was worrying too much about how he will take to the changes.

Wondering how everyone's week is unfolding.  Hope it is a good one.

Hope to see you in a couple of days



trudi@maudeandme said...

Photos look great -yes I love that glow too. Millthorpe sounds intriguing...have to put it on my travel wishlist. am looking forward to hearing what Broken Hill is like too.

Beck said...

Thanks for taking me along on the start of your journey. I love your photo's, your eye. I guess I can relate to the things you find interesting too, the light, the cemeteries, the little towns. Hope the days pass happily, with your little family, on the road xo

Cate B said...

wow, am loving the photos from the new camera Jill! You're showing me aprts of New South Wales I've never seen...the colours are beautiful. Stay safe on your onward journey, looking forward to hearing about your experiences in Broken Hill xx

Tai Tai said...

There's nothing like the Outback! I miss Australian roadtrips. There's something so comforting and familiar about them. Hope you have a fabulous time! xx

Naturally Carol said...

Those places remind me of the years we'd set off from Canberra and travel inland up to Qld or other areas with the kids. I always loved to see those little towns along the way too.

Vicki said...

Dearest Jill,

It's all happening now! I'm still so excited for you. The photos are the perfect rendition of country scenes that I remember from my childhood visits to nana's. Love the colours on the tin fence, the chimneys, the winter hills and of course little man on his tractor. It's all so unspoiled and expansive, time to think.
The church photo with the clouds is a beauty. Would be first in the coffee and design shops!
Keep well Jill,

sarah said...

That second image Jill - reminds me of family holidays and arriving in country towns. Love county towns!