Wednesday, July 27, 2011

red dust and sheep

Late yesterday afternoon after a torturous drive with a screeching teething toddler who decided no longer to have a sleep on the 6 hour drive, with a final stretch being 149km of weathered dirt track, we arrived at our farmstay in Nimagee.  A sheep and cattle farm owned by very hospitable for Anita and Ken.  What great hosts they are.  Our hut is pretty basic but all things are catered for.  We are having  meals in the main homestead.  It is so beautiful and serene.  I love the feeling of peeling back the layers and feeling my true self.

A picture of our donga
Che has been in his element.  Digging up the dirt. Chasing the sheep.  Moo-ing at the cows.  Dan dog has had his swim in the dam.  Chester dog loves barking at the farm animals.  Everyone is pretty blissed.

Lots of great farm bit and pieces to keep the little one captivated for hours.  The sun has been glorious all day.  We are covered in red dust.  I have been wearing the same clothes all this trip.  A big wash is in order when we arrive in Broken Hill.  Now the sun is just going down over the hill and there is a chill just starting to descend on us.  We are just now repacking the car for an early start tomorrow and then a quick wash and we will then walk up to the house for another great country home cooked meal. 

I hope the little man will sleep a bit on this last leg of our journey.  Cross fingers.

It has been a great day.  Hope yours was just as happy.



Felicity said...

What a wonderful way to break up the trip Jill.

Che looks so grown up in these photos striding about exploring all of the wonders of the farm - I be he'll sleep well tonight.

Wishing you safe travels for the 'morrow.

xx F

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Jill..Apart from a screaming start, this part of your trip sounds idyllic! I love that you say you are beginning to feel just like yourself and everybody is immersed blissfully in this typically Aussie landscape...and a homecooked meal that you don't have to prepare enviable. Have a great day tomorrow as you continue on.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh wow, check you out all red & dusty. That's the real Australia. Have a ball - but be warned, the red dirt will be with you in every nook & cranny forever!! Love Posie

A Farmer's Wife said...

So glad it is going well so far Jill.


Catherine said...

What a amazing trip you are doing. The farmstay looks like a great spot to stop and rest and just enjoy the simplicity of life and nature. It's great for little ones to go and play in the dirt, developing their senses. I hope that with all that playing Che sleeps well tomorrow on your drive. Take care. x

anyaadores said...

Hello Jill, looks like an amazing place to stay - chilling out, having a laugh. Have a good break and see you soon.

Cate B said...

your new camera rocks Jill! I especially love the shot of Che striding out with the sheep behind him.....and oh that oxide coloured dirt....amazing.
Safe travels on your onward journey
hugs x

G said...

How very exciting! And I love the sound of those home cooked meals. Can't beat honest country cooking... gxo

Maxabella said...

God bless the farmstay! x

Maxabella said...
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Anonymous said...

Jill, these photos are just great, the colours and the light are beautiful. Che and the lamb is just too sweet for words & lovely old happy Dan in the dam!

Col xx

Vicki said...

Hi Jill,

What a great decision this was! Love, love the photos of Che, what a little character he is and no fear of the unknown, running into the distance to explore and discover. He's going to have the wanderdust on his shoes after this trip! Teething toddler in long car journey is hopefully the worse that you'll experience. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.
Keep well Jill,

HK Badger said...

What beautiful photos! I can't think of anything cuter than bottle feeding a lamb :-)
The contrast between the deep blue skye and red earth is really striking!

sarah said...

Wow iconic Australian images - all that red dust, sheep...what a great experience for Che (and you too of course!)