Thursday, January 27, 2011


Slowly our litle man is making a recovery from nasty mr whooping.  Despite being fully immunised we still succumbed.  It has been now just over 2 weeks that he has been coughing, gasping as his little chest is gripped with pain and then vomits.  I rang the Public Health Department and the kind lady confirmed my suspicions after a week of coughing and several practitioners dismissing our concerns.  So I took the matters in my own hands and started the treatment myself.  There is current research that there is a new emerging strain of  Bordetella Pertussis that is not fully covered by the current vaccine available.  Hence just a little note to others who may pass by this blog to be mindful of this if your little one is coughing for more than a week and tends to go red and teary in the face, gasp or whoop and then  vomit.  Seek medical attention and ask for a specific swab for Pertussis.

We have been keeping a low profile but spent the hot afternoon in the bush near a fantastic waterhole.  Unfortunately I am not really into Nationalism.  I do feel very lucky to be living where I am.  I feel that borders and nationalistic pride can get a bit out of hand.  Maybe it is just my age.  I note that many young people really take it all on.  It did not happen in my day.  It is in human nature to help each other out. It is not particular to a race or culture.

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Vicki said...

Hi Jillian,
SO happy to hear Che is on the mend! What a worrying time for you both. Not surprised to hear of dismissal by the medical fraternity, I've often been regarded as an idiot by Dr's. You know your baby, you know the body/disease, good health from ill health, you don't have to follow any one else's drum beat, you's beat loudly and reverberates for any one switched on enough to listen!
Have a happy and calm day,