Friday, January 14, 2011


Now we are getting a bit more sleep have noticed dreams are returning.  Only remember bit from last night; my little man walking and sitting on my lap and saying "you remembered".

There have been only occassional pockets of sunshine here but on our walks we have been enthused by all the lovely blooms and green.  Lots of inspiration.  My favourite little ramshackle house is the little red one.  I could live there.

In the wetness we visited the Sturt Gallery, Mittagong and made a little purchase of locally made ceramics. They were on special and this combination looked so sweet.  The gallery has a summer and winter school of wonderful art courses to partake.  3 years ago  one cool summer I relished in a whole week of making art, living in and talking and walking creating with many other inspiring people.  One day would love to do again.
Marty has been doing term courses from the school of wood.  Very smart bread board pending.


sean the prawn said...

Jill, Che & Chester thanks for taking me on that virtual walk in your neighborhood... Breathtaking gate, beautiful flowers & Jill that does look like a character filled red house.
Sorry we missed you over the New Year but it was also quite nice just to know you were nearby. So pleased you are getting a little more sleep these days, hope it keeps up.
I love the sound of the art courses.. Please post up a picture of the bread board masterpiece when complete.
Love looking at your photos.. Especially watching Che grow up in front of the lense.. He is even cuter.. How can that be???

Vicki said...

Hi Jillian,
It's a breath of fresh air to walk through your blog, love the vase and hydrangas and when I saw those ceramic cups I thought they looked like art from Sturt. Sometimes you see them at the glass factory in Canberra too. I was there only 6 months ago, I love the Mittagong, Bowral area, I can see you there enjoying the walks, the blue sky, flowers, inspiration from art. What a lovely place for the baby Che to grow in.
Just wondering why I can't get your blog to come to my email automatically, I've tried?