Sunday, January 9, 2011



                                   first words  with meaning and context

                          as per usual "Dada" and then "ball" and  then "dog"

                                       now saying "ball dog" together

                           not yet walking, but speedy gonzalas with crawling

                         AND NOW AFTER 13 MONTHS SLEEPING ALL
                         THROUGH THE NIGHT AND NOT ASKING FOR A
                                 BREAST FEED AND IN HIS OWN BED


Anonymous said...

What a clever wee man! And so handsome.

Could you please ask Che if he wouldn't mind popping over and explaining to Little Tuesday the concept of sleeping though the night, in ones own bed without a breastfeed? She does dutifully accept instruction from handsome gentlemen, so it can't hurt!? Thanks ever so much!

Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my!!! That is f##king excellent!!! Ezmae just turned 1 yesterday and we have a 'night feeding a baby=cool. night feeding a 1 year old=not cool' policy in this house.... so when we get bk from NZ in a week we are going to cut the night feeds.... and if that goes well... she can move into the girls room!!! Cant wait... will feel so grown up. It just feels like 'its time' to me when they turn 1. it feels right. Ez is very amusing at the moment. She is the happiest beastie ive ever come across... just started walking. Waddles round holding a doll (almost same size as her), with the other arm out like she is sleep walking...

deux chiens et un garcon said...

yes is excellent. we have been making little changes for the last 4 months since 9 months old little baby steps of encouragement. then yes it did seem like we all needed our own space. with the help of dada che has been able to be ok without me overnight. now instead of waking evry 1-2 hours he just seemed to sleep. i can hardly believe it. it has only been one weekk so far, but fingers crossed because i feel like a new woman . xxx

Anonymous said...

Jill, so very pleased to hear this sleeping bub news. Sweet dreams! Col x

Vicki said...

Hi Jillian,
And it couldn't have come a moment too soon! After your big year last year you need your full night's sleep. If he does have a few unsettled nights it's only to be expected, you've made it!Love the face on Che for this photo, what a little character!