Monday, January 24, 2011

good morning

Phew that was a big nite.  Gosh our little man is a vigourous one.  Oh well today is a new cheery day.   Yesterday there were a few little steps,maybe 5 or 6 and then plonking back down onto bum.

Morning routine:

morning booby and cuddle
nappy change and tidy up nursery
quick shower
prepare breakfast
empty dishwasher
put load of washing on
eat breakfast with bub, set up bibs, placemat, chair with booster and encourage some sort of civil way of eating our porridge/cheerios/mini wheats or maybe french toast or scrambled eggs
then sigh, yes clean up while bub roams and explores
start planning dinner for tonight, maybe organise recipe for slow cooker, thaw meat, check fridge for needy purchases
organise emergency snack pak and left overs and stuff for lunch for bubba
sweep floor
make our bed
change bub into going out clothes
walk dogs (Marty usually does this for me if home) with bub in stroller
hang out washing on line
put away clean clothes/linen from yesterdays wash
think about making myself a bit respectable to walk our front door
usually lucky to be out by 10am.

Does it get easier??

This week have decided to start meal planning.  My very good friend Maren arrives from Darwin this week.  We are going to be setting up a stall at Dirty Janes Emporium for BIMA wear.  Its going to be fun to have her here.  Today I made greek style roast lamb and potatoes to put in the slow cooker.  Hopefully ready by 6pm dinner tonight.  Think may have with baby spinach and asparagus salad.  Babcia is coming over as well.

Need to brown in frypan and then onto the browned dutch cream potatoes some stock and cook slowly for 8 hours.  Hopefully delicious.

PS. I won  a meat tray at the Burrawang Pub.  I am usually am not a winner in this way.  Hence such an extravagant sexy leg to decorate.

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Vicki said...

Hi Jillian,

Oh yes, that list looks very familiar! Loved the line....think about making myself respectable to walk out front door! So we mothers ARE all the same! I remember days when I'd be only getting in the shower at 11am! (5 children) But order and neatness does return to your life, by the time Che is 2 everything will be differant. You will have moments of quiet in order to process your thoughts!