Wednesday, August 25, 2010

lost in translation

It's almost like our little man doesn't really like being a baby.  Once reached one milestone there is frustration about not being able yet to reach the next stage quickly enough.  I am quite happy for him to be little baby for as long as he likes.  As he is now crawling, exploring, pulling everything out of the cupboards and trying to communicate with us.  But this gets lost.  All of a sudden He is a baby with a new temperament.  URRRR, whining,whinnning.  Not yet old enough to point.  I find myself running always behind trying to anticipate his needs.
This is especially evident at mealtimes.  Wanting to be so independent and self feed, but not really being able to co ordinate hand to back of throat, ooh the frustration and mess.

New nickname, Davross, sitting up on  dalick like high chair,  ordering us around with some unintelligiable grunts and groans.

Has anyone used baby sign???  Realise only a phase but at times it has us overwhelmed.

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Anonymous said...

While reading your post, I was thinking of baby sign language! I DEFINITELY think it will help you and, given your son's age, he will pick it up within a few weeks if you are consistent.

Check out - they have classes in the Sydney area (is that where you are)?

I have already started with my 4-month-old. He recognises the sign for 'milk'. He will be able to replicate it soon :)

Good luck!