Wednesday, August 18, 2010

off for a swim

Every Wednesday morning for the last few weeks buba and dada head off at 9 am for a swim lesson in a lovely little private swim school in Woy Woy.  A special bonding time for them.  I stay home and have a bit of time to organise myself.  I have done and folded all the washing, made a crock pot of slow cooked chicken with parsnip and dill, stacked the dishwasher, done some ironing, attended to all emails and am now supposed to be finishing my case report for my diploma of child health. I have found it very hard to diligent in my studies of late and am of course making a last dash to get this completed.  Just need to be more organised.  Very prone to procrastination.  Come on Jill it so important that you get this done!!! 

Hope you are in some sunshine today

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Woy Woy! My grandparents used to live at a retirement village there. It's beautiful :)