Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wild weather

The recent wild windy weather has done some damage to our ever over growing garden.  Our block was essentially empty when we moved in except for a magnificent frangipanni at the front and some casuarainas along the creek and a few swamp mahogoneys right up along the back border.

I was anxious for a garden and privacy at the start and with not having the ability to immediately renovate we set upon the garden with such vigour.  In fact I think now we did over plant and crowd the trees a bit.  We have learnt so much.

The garden beds were built up on permaculture principals  and constructed on a wavy organic style.

The above Acacia was one of the fastest growing trees and last week was full of beautiful  yellow fluffy blooms and bees and birds were going mad.  Sadly after returning from the Southern Highlands to meet our new house, this tree is no more, snapped at its base by the strong southerly winds of August. I believe Acacia's are very prone to this.  Vale lovely tree.

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