Thursday, August 12, 2010

treasured moments of sunshine

I am always prone to some winter blues and with so many changes happening our family is feeling a bit vulnerable and the wet, windy, grey rainy days add to the drama.  But the weather is not here for us.  This morning sitting in my sunroom bathed in morning light , looking out over the sun dappled garden and hearing the birds, lovely.

 Pockets of our garden we are really proud about.  The garden is now just over 2 years old and now some plants are really showing their true colours.  Dreaming of starting from scratch once again somewhere new.

Our little man is now 8 months old.  He is crawling everywhere, clapping his hands to music and to my off key singing, throwing his food anywhere except his mouth, and showing little protests more often.  His sleeping is gradually improving.  He still wants to feed all night and some mornings I  struggle to get going. 

One question to anyone out there.  Leaky nappies.  I feel I have tried everything.  From purpose made cloth night nappies with good wool or PUL cover, to many differnet types of disposables.  Still every night leak all through  singlet, PJs wrap onto sheets.  Soaking his or our bed.  Sometimes twice per night.  Grrrrrr!


Anonymous said...

hello darling Jill,
When this happened to Sofia, I changed her just before I went to bed. Or another ingenious method by my friend was to cut out the inside of another nappy and line it inside the 1st nappy. Good luck, soaked sheets and baby at 1am is not fun. Cyn

gcat said...

Dear Jill

Beautiful photos.

Now on to nappies. We always found that for night time Huggies were best as they rarely leaked and could hold big batch of wee till morning. Too expensive to use during the day when you change more often.

I can't believe a middle aged man has just given you nappy tips.

Not certain if we will see you before you move so best of luck with the ebd and flow of furniture and emotions.

George xx

Anonymous said...

Aldi nappies
Guess there aint too many Aldi's in Pretty Bay though
Lots a love A-M

Cassandra Allen said...

Thanks for visitng my blog Jillian. Nice to read yours too, and see your experiences with your little man. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement too! We're hanging in there! Those little gummy smiles make it all worth it, hahaha.

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

We've had lots of that at times too. Particularly when lots of drinking milk at night is going on. I actually found ALDI nappies even better than huggies and much much cheaper! It's not fun is it!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

thank you so much for the tips on leaky nappies. have been trying aldi nappies for night time and so far so good. XXXX jill