Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love radio national

Part of the joy of being home and being a Mama for me is having the time during the day to listen to radio national ABC AM radio.  I love it with a passion.  So many segments: lifematters, the philosopher's zone , the health report, in the mind.  It has become like a reliable friend.  I especially like listening to the spirit of things on Sunday night.  Have a listen to the audio if you have time.

I have been doing Yoga and meditation on and off since age 15 years.  I often wished I had become a teacher of Yoga and not been so academic.  Now I do at times want some time to myelf to sit and meditate.  I would just have to try and get up earlier than my son.  But I find myself wallowing around trying to yank my eyes open into the blur.

I guess mothering is already a challenge in being ever present in this moment and being mindful

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