Sunday, August 29, 2010

little bumps

In the chaos of our decluttering, packing and cleaning, our little man has taken a few knocks.  His ever adventurious spirit means he has encountered a few little bumps along the way.  Today I think he knocked his head about six times whilst trying to cruise around furniture and climb over things when our backs were turned.  Lots of crybaby,  reaching out, extra boozie to soothe.  The whole process is very much two steps forward one step back.  Finding it a bit hard doing it on our own.

I keep thinking of well its going to be good, because we will be so organized in our new place.  Have this image in my head of how now want things to be.

I have decided to take on the challenge of dottie angel and still have preloved or handmade stuff for our new abode.  Will be a challenge as so many nice shops in Bowral/Southern Highlands.  But also lots of great op shops and antique/vintage stores as well.

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margot said...

For our last move, we sold most of our furniture on ebay and the rule was, all replacement items had to be second hand (with the exception of a new bedroom suite, which was a treat) We managed very well and love every piece we found - but I failed miserably in the decorating department....too easily swayed by all the pretty new things in shops......I wish you luck & strength!! xx