Monday, August 16, 2010

gifted, preloved and passed on

In anticipation of our child's birth, we received so many loving gifts and also many preloved items.  I  wanted to be conscious of what I was buying and the only new thing I purchased was a change table in a last minute rush.  It had lots of drawers underneath to store cloth nappies.  Everything else was second hand for the nursery.

Now with preparation for our move we have been busy decluttering.  We have been given preloved clothing for our son until about age 5!  Our new place is much smaller with less storage.  So I was in a quandary.  Do I pass on all his baby clothes?  All the 0000 and 000,that no longer fit him, but are so cute.

The real chance of being able to have another baby at age 45 is pretty remote.  I have had patients fall naturally pregnant at 46, and the baby has been vigourous and healthy.  I wonder what it is going to be like for Che to be an only child.

So last night impulsively I put 3 bags of baby's clothes as an offer on freecycle. They were picked up this morning.

A little bit grieiving.


Frog, Goose and Bear said...

I have a huge pile on my bed right now to sort through and give away. Memories attached :( but sometimes you just need the space!

margot said...

A generous decision Jill, I'm grieving a little bit with you. If you are blessed with another, the gifts will come again xx

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling. Oh I do. I've held on to the baby clothes for far too long. They ought to be being loved by another, but I just can't let go. It suddenly came to me this evening - that if, by chance, I was blessed with another child, there would again be bags upon bags of lovely loved clothes to wrap that beautiful one in. And suddenly I feel ready to let go.