Tuesday, September 6, 2011

wild things

Father's Day weekend found us feeling really happy.  We are the A team. I feel very proud that we have made this working sojourn a success so far.  All the planning and scheduling aside.  We have been having fun.

Driving out west on Father's Day we were greeted by Brumbies and Camels.  Dada,  of course cannot help himself.  He has a way with horses.  We had some carrots to share with them.  Although I started to feel a bit twitchy when they surrounded the car.  Somehow Dada thinks camels are cute!  I just seem to remember them from a camel trek in the Rajastan Desert as snotty, foul mouthed farting ass licking creatures that are impossible to ride for 3 days straight without getting huge grazes on your bum.

We found a great camping ground. Penrose Park.  I have not seen these type of old swings for ages.

I am feeling good about work because I feel that I am working where I belong, I guess.  Not necessarily Broken Hill, but in an enthusiastic team really commited to improving the health of our countrymen and women and children.  It is a challenge to operate on many levels and have different projects all going on at once.  I am honoured to be here and appreciated.

But there is always some grief when I  leave in the morning.  We all had such a great weekend.  As we were pulling up to my workplace on Monday morning, our little man was very quiet.  He knew I was about to leave.  It really got to me.  No screeching or thrashing around or loud protests of not getting what he wants.  His eyes just welled up in tears and he looked away.   A long kiss on his soft sweet cheek.  I said my goodbye and a cheery "Have a good day with Daddy.  Love you".

I called half an hour later.  They were all running around Sturt Park having fun.

                          I think of you all day, my sweet handsome boy.


A Farmer's Wife said...

I am so glad the job is working well. I think the rest of your team make such a huge difference.

I am sure your little man will survive. I think it is lovely that your husband is getting to spend this time with his son. Not all men get that privilege.

Take care.


trudi@maudeandme said...

I always think it the people who can make the difference between liking your job or not.
Loved your description of camels.
And that countryside looks so flat.

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

ahhh....bless. What a gorgeous, gorgeous wee man. Love your photographs...stunning.

Hmmm, I think I would also be a little nervous around those wild horses...it appears your man has the touch though.

Glad to hear you are enjoying work and I agree, it is the team and the colleagues you work with each day that make the difference. I loved reading that they appreciate your work as well. What a warming of the heart that must bring.


sam said...

so read this after the last, great the job is good. About to do my first overnighter away from Asha - feeling it before it begins. Be good but sad - Gypsy and me heading out to meet friends who will be coming in from the Jatbula Trail ( Katherine gorge - Edith). So we to walk out and sleep with them on their last night and then walk back in with them next day. Excited for my biggest girl but sad for my other 2....Love to all of you. Happy you're happy!

Posie Patchwork said...

Loving your adventure, it's sounding fabulous.
Oh how exciting to see brumbies (i'm sure true farmers loathe them) but when i see the running in our Snowy Mountains, well, it's stunning. Camels, oh, my husband dislikes them intensely, way too many war zones with camels in them. There is a property for sale near where we want to buy that includes 2 camels, i keep teasing my husband about buying it, as the real estate blurb enthusiastically reads "camels are free". Not far from Bowral, i'll have them in your garden for when you return, a belated father's day gift, non??
Love Posie

Jane said...

Jill, glad to hear you are part of a great work team, it makes all the difference doesn't it. My camel experience extends to riding some very tame, sluggish ones on the beach at Port Macquarie with my family last year. it was great and more recently my husband went to the Bedourie Camel races in western qld. Your little man is so brave. I took a little extra breath when I read about his eyes filling up. The flipside is that it doesn't take them long to move on to the next things. I tortured myself about leaving my precious ones at daycare and waving goodbye while they cried at the gate. sometimes i would call and make sure they were ok. usually the teacher would tell me they were already having fun with the other kids! phew. It's always lovely to hear from you. i'm glad you are still finding some time to blog. which reminds me, it's been weeks since i last blogged! Jane x

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Jill..I have great admiration for you making peoples lives better where you are. Your little boy is so blessed to be looked after by his dad all day while you save other peoples lives! Have a great weekend.

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

Have just been catching up on your big move. What an adventure! Love the Big W anecdote.

I feel for you with the Monday-morning-welled-up eyes. Much worse than screaming, I think. The first time we left our daughter at childcare my husband and I sobbed hysterically in the carpark. She, apparently, was fine. Even though she's now 12 he stills rings every Monday morning, feeling the loss of the weekend family togetherness. Vera x

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...
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Catherine said...

It's so good to hear that you are enjoying what you are doing so much it makes the adventure you are on so worthwhile and the journey with your beautiful family a happy one. I understand it must be so hard to say goodbye to your little one, it breaks your heart leaving them though wonderful that he is spending his time playing with dad which is lovely. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. x