Sunday, September 18, 2011

the silver city show

It was with some excitement as we anticipated the arrival of the Silver City Show.  But alas, I think these country fairs are not like they used to be in their heyday.  We planned to go in the morning with all the other families with babies and toddlers in strollers.  Except ours is never in one and runs crazily around from one tacky store to the next.  He had a ball.  First ever carnival ride and the must have face paint.

I did feel sorry for the nursery animals.  I had to tell the attendent that he must get those chickens out of the hot sun.  They were panting.  It occurred to me those baby animals have to stay there for the whole 3 days,  and from 10 am to 10 pm they have people and children trying to play with them and they get no sleep. Let alone the bright lights and the fireworks creating stress and fear.

But it is all supposed to be in good fun I know.

And also the cost.  A family of  four told me they spend $200 for the few hours they are there.   I won't even talk about the food stalls.

But you gotta love the pavillions of all the best craft, cakes, best vegies ( the caulifower won first prize) and all the school displays.

There was one decent stall that had second hand pieces.  I could have gone a bit silly, but we need to think how we are going to get all our things home.   However I could not go past some Bakerlite.  They were such a bargain.

The rest of our weekend has been popping around some local garage sales raising funds for Somalia.  Visiting the Train Museum, eating out and lazing in the park.  This afternoon we are going to the screening of Babies at the local cinema.  I have been finishing off my bunting and trying to pull it all together.  Thank you so much for your kind comments of encouragement.  I hope the lovely person  likes it.

Here's to having time to be with each other, making, eating, playing and being happy.

Much love


p.s.  I am having trouble with my internet and have been trying to visit many of my loved blogs but cannot load or sometimes comment.  I will keep trying. Hopefully see you soon.


Naturally Carol said...

Hi, love, love your bunting! I just wish I was the recipient. I think you just can't go past the woodchopping and the pavilions at the show these days..though I do admit my age is showing as I am over the rides! That is a great picture of your little tiger man and I reckon you were so fortunate to pick up the bakerlite in a set like that.

Cate B said...

Jill...the bakelite canisters and your divine bunting match!!! You have such a great eye for colour....and your photos are amazing.
ps not sure if I told you that Tim and Kathy have both gone to Cambodia for two weeks to volunteer with International Childrens Care charity, running medical clinics in various villages. They left last Tuesday :)

margot said...

The bakerlite is fantastic...! What a great find.
Loving the photo of little Tiger Che & his flowers.....brilliant pic xx

Jane said...

Hi Jill
Your bunting is excellent, really beautiful. Che looks so adorable as a little tiger man. have a special week at 'the Hill'. Jane x

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

What a lovely family day you've had. Your bunting is absolutely gorgeous - I love it!!

A Farmer's Wife said...

Our town has a show which is on next weekend. The town is relatively small and so quite traditional.

My kids are preparing their entries. Farmgirl is entering the "floral saucer" section for under 6s and Farmboy is busily making a Lego creation for his entry section.

Much, much excitement.

Take care.

Catherine said...

It's a nice treat going to the show together and your little boys looks like he had such a great time enjoying the rides and having his face painted. I love your bakerlite canisters, very cool. Your bunting is looking great Jill. Have a good week. x

one claire day said...

In love with the bakerlite and bunting! x

sean the prawn said...

Jill, my Father has a tear in his eye as I recall your trip to the Silver City Show. He said it was always warm & very windy, they used to call it "Show Weather".
So lovely to see Che enjoying his first carnival ride & face paint. Such a precious time with your little man.
Please say hi to Marty & can you email me with your address, my parents are dying to know where you guys are living. Lots of love from Pretty Beach.

Anonymous said...

Oh my that bunting is fantastic and that bakerlite divine :)

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

I have a love/hate relationship with these kind of events. Love the old-style family fun feel but not so keen on the animals-as-exhibits stuff. My solution is to not to go to that part of the show, which is no solution at all really.

All in all, though, sounds - and looks- like a great day out. x

Felicity said...

Insightful as ever Jill.
I'd never thought about the baby animals having to be 'on show' for all that time - I wonder if there's a rotation that they must only be there for a certain time and then newies get brought in....hope so.

Your bakelite find is exceptional and your bunting, well that is the most gorgeous creation that I've seen in a long time - little flags of warm happiness.

Biggest of happy hugs to you Lovely!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh what a score on those containers!! Don't even tell me about taking a family of 6 to a show & i never let my children eat there either, it's not even food. Last time i went to one, the Country Fire Brigade were charging $6 for a sausage sizzle??!!
Honestly, we have taken our children to Disneyland & the experience was better, including the food & the cost!! They are great, they don't ask, i'd rather go to a craft show. I'm not a worrier but i would never let my children go on a carny-engineered roller coaster either, why risk it?? How many accidents??
You look like you found the best, the amazing produce & crafts, brilliant, love Posie

Seana Smith said...

Hello Jill, how marvellous to see a little sweet painted face, it's a lovely thing when a child is ready for that and thrilled by it. But my have pic is definitely the Bakerlite, what a find. Take it easy.

Vicki said...

Hi Dearest Jill,

Adore the photo of Che with the whirly-whirly!It can't get any more entrancing. It would make a lovely front for home made Xmas cards. Your photography is really up there now, I feel like I've been to the show as well. The bunting could have been exhibited in the craft section?

Leah said...

Oh my I'm quite taken by your canisters! Lucky you!
Thanks so much for your sweet bunting....I love it.