Sunday, September 11, 2011

things i'm loving

                                     Spring flowers picked by my two boys on their morning walk, while I had a sleep in.

  I bought the Cath Kidston Book  "Sew" and made her bag.  Took the big leap and learnt how to do a button hole on the machine and put in a lining.  Don't look too closely my stitching is a bit wonky and I just could not for the life of me work out how to do the roueaux loop for the front button to fasten with.  So I did the buttonhole stitch loop instead but still with some difficulty.  Maybe I could make a bunting for this up coming swap.

But here is a true artist at work.  How beautiful are these ceramics.  I love their delicate form and the earthy colours.  Made by my sister in law Anne.  Check her out here.

We have been here in Broken Hill for about half our time now.  Just this weekend I have started to feel a bit lonely and so far away from everyone.  Seeing photos of friends and old work mates on facebook  reminds me that I often isolate myself trying to always achieve, achieve.

A lovely workmate and fabulous person has her own blog.  Cate is an amazing cook and her blog is filled with warm hearted thoughts and yummy recipes.  Please visit and say hello.

Peace to you



Catherine said...

Aren't your boys very sweet picking you such a beautiful bunch of flowers:) Great job on the bag, I cheated when I made it and didn't do the button holes, I just sewed on the buttons;) I still don't really like doing button holes. Your sister in law is very talented, those paintings are beautiful and so unique. Have a wonderful week.x

Naturally Carol said...

Hi have put me to shame! I have had that book for nearly a year and still haven't made the pretty bag! (let alone line it like you have)..I will now pop by your new friend and say hello.

trudi@maudeandme said...

That is one very pretty bag.And if you can make that , a bunting will be easy peasy!
Will check out those links -Thanks.

Felicity said...

I know it's naughty of me to generalise but I must confess that when I think of Broken Hill images of spring blossoms, beautiful fabric and art work, delectable restaurants and Cath Kidston wouldn't be the first to pop into my head.

Thank you for showing us that no matter where we live, it's what we do that makes it a home and that we can choose to celebrate or commiserate our choices.

I love all that you've shared today and am skipping over to have a peek at your linked friends.

Happy day Lovely,

one claire day said...

Those ceramics are so beautiful, what a clever and talented sister in law you have! I'm really enjoying hearing about your time in Broken Hill - must be quite an experience. I'm particularly interested because I may be moving to a mining town with my husband for a few months while he is on a work contract...

Thank you so much on your advice regarding meal times with my babe. She definitely shows more interested when eating with me (and my food!) xx

Jane said...

Oh Jill, you clever cookie, making that gorgeous bag. You've tempted me, the non-sewer, to buy that book now! J x

Cate B said...

Oh my goodness Jill, I have just seen this post.....and your very kind referral!! Thank you so much, you always do and say the nicest things :)
It's wonderful to be meeting so many lovely people in blogland!
I am in awe of your Cath Kidston bag....and your photos as always are divine. You must be happy with your new camera, you are producing such beautiful images xxx