Friday, August 26, 2011

our creative space

Being surrounded by Desert, we have had to think a bit more where we can play and walk the dogs.  Driving about 10km out of town to the dry river beds has been a favourite spot.  The Galahs in the Red River gum trees squawking at the dogs and all the red dirt to dig and run around safely in makes it winner for a morning or afternoon trip.

On this trip we decided to make a humpy.  It is really Dada's and little man's creation.

Thinking that we might take a picnic basket out one early evening and watch the sunset.  Maybe boil some billy tea too on our own campfire.  Or maybe wait for that one until someone is a bit older?

For me I borrowed my boss' Janome and made up this little book bag.  I  am very chuffed with my beginner's effort.  I have not had much time for crotchet yet. I fall asleep on the couch watching The Renovator's every evening.  Don't you think the rapid eliminations have been too brutal?

I love linking in to see other's creative space here.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

I love your book bag! Well done! I taught myself to sew about 18 months ago - would love you to take part! One lady who cannot sew is going to use felt and glue!

Rach xo

m.e (Cathie) said...

wow, that bag is amazing! love the fabric.
I am definitely NOT a sewer and have self taught myself. If I can do it, you definitely can! yay for bunting swaps, go on join in ♥

Felicity said...

I was just thinking about you Jill and wondering how life was unfolding.

It looks like you're having a great adventure although I can hear the weariness....go gently lovely lady.

xx Felicity

PS: The book bag is genius!

trudi@maudeandme said...

I love the colours of the red earth. I'm sure it gets on all the clothes though.
And I love that fabric too and what you have done with it.

Jane said...

Hi Jill
great to hear from you. I have similar photos of us in outback Qld a few years ago. I love the red earth. Che must have felt like a special little earth dude in the humpy! The sunset idea is brillian. I'd be doing it if i was there. don't go without your camera. we want photos please!!! have a great weekend. Jane x

Naturally Carol said...

Hi sounds idyllic to be able to go out into that red desert and take a little picnic dinner and watch the sun go down! I love the reminds me of making huts when I was a kid. The fabric you've made the book bag with is very cute and retro.

Posie Patchwork said...

Yay, i taught myself to sew too, like you, too busy doing the science & maths subjects at school for a career in science, ha, mine didn't quite end up that way now did it?? Great sewing, the book bag is fantastic. Enjoy that red dust, it will be with you for years long after you leave.
Go the camp fire, children need to be exposed to such fascinating dangers as early as possible so they don't do silly things when they are older. Love Posie

A Farmer's Wife said...

Now that is one stylish humpy.

Take care.

Maxabella said...

Your book bag is a triumph for any beginner. I have finally bought some fabrics and I'm going to dust off my old machine and have a go at a project too. Very excited.

I think I'm really going to enjoy getting to know Broken Hill through your blog. That humpy looks like the best fun and dad and his little one could have together. Just brilliant. x

tea with lucy said...

sticks and rocks and red dirt. that's childhood at its best!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I love your images - so Aussie! And the book bag is fabulous. As a completely useless craft person I am deeply impressed.

Cate B said...

Dear Jill, I missed your previous post so have just been catching up on all your glorious photos and news, what an amazing experience you are all having. Everyone her on the coast sends their love, we full of admiration for your dedication and pioneering spirit! Much love to the three of you x

sam said...

Hey baby, big boy running! Beautiful photos. Miss ya. Wish you were here. Hope the chaos of broken hill is less brutal than renovators. :) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX