Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cloth on bot

Since Che's arrival I have endevoured to use cloth nappies as much as possible.  We used plain white terry sqaures  in the newborn period and then since have being trying a number of different fitted nappies that can be ordered on line.  The terry squares now make great cleaning cloths for mop ups with adventurous eating habits and great for polishing mirrors and windows etc. I must admit it is a bit of a maze sorting through all the different options and it has been fun trialling different sets and brands. I especially love the packages of soft fluffy bundles of green joy arriving with the post.

What I have come to realise that it really depends on your baby's shape and degree of wetting that really points to which nappies are better for each individual.  I have found some fitted nappies to always leak around the legs, especially when he was younger.  Also as Che is a keen night feeder he is such a heavy wetter .  I'm usually really not into brand naming but I would  recommend in this situation that the best coverage and absorbancy has been from baby beehinds, especially with the organic cotton/bamboo fitted nappy and a good cover.  They take a bit more of organising, but you can increase the absorbency even more with bamboo boosters.  For convenience the minkee all in ones are excellent as well.

The washing and up keep obviously can be seen as yet another chore, but I relish it and find the whole process quite meditative.   Dry paling, so no soaking and using less detergent makes things much easier.  Beloved will often put on a disposable, if expecting a pooey one.  And to be honest at night we have resorted back to a good disposable and I just have not found a cloth nappy that will last the whole night and we are trying to get more sleep around here.

I also love cleaning botty with almond oil and putting calendula nappy ointment on.

2 more sleeps until my exam.  I won't know myself.  Then a special birthday the day after.  Wow I have almost made it !

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sean the prawn said...

Best of luck with the exam Jill. Che is looking so healthy & adorable sounds like you guys have got th bottom end well & truely sorted.
Hope you are well & have a beautiful family Christmas time with little Che.
Look forward to catching up over the New Year sometime.x