Tuesday, December 21, 2010

to continue or not?

Often in the middle of the night I'm struck with the anxiety "why am I doing this?". Feeling a bit silly and exposed.  I listen to people talk about the dangers of Facebook and how pedophiles will be able to source my child, marketers can watch my every move and plant dangerous temptations to purchase.  The line between public and private life is held onto so tightly.  And here I am on this blog.  What does it all mean?

Also I question my motives. Do I want to be liked more and have more approvals/comment?s.  A lovely blog I follow, the writer has a bad day with her baby and she gets 67 comments of support.  But that is not why I started this blog.  Its ok if no one reads it or comments really. 

How will my son feel when he is older? That is a biggy?

Writing here has helped me feel less down and negative, of which I am prone to at times.  The blogging community is all so upbeat and positive.  Nevertheless it can be a bit nauseating.  Do people really have such perfect lives?

Writing here has helped keep me on track on our goals and opens up some headspace for where and how we want to live.

Reading other peoples inspiring blogs, less of the perfect ones and more of the simple, crafty and sustaninable eggs me on and I feel yeh keep going.

Going to take some time over this break to ponder.

 Keep your cool over the festive season and have fun.

xx J


Frog, Goose and Bear said...

merry christmas to you! i often ponder similar things about blogging. it's an odd thing isn't it. it is also keeping me sane though and i love the positive effect that it has had on my life.what to share and what not to share, that is the question. i often fear that i may come across as having a perfect life with all the time in the world to bake and craft, when in reality it is not like that at all. hard to put the hard times in there when you feel so exposed. i am rambling... i look forward to hearing your thoughts after you have pondered over the break!

Sunny said...

Yeah, keep going methinks. thanks for all your advice and support, and also inspiring me to keep communicating and connecting, and keep the headspace open X