Thursday, December 9, 2010

exam nerves

here i am, nearly midnight doing last minute frenzied study for my exam in the morning.  we have to get up at 5am to travel hour and half to be ready to start writing at 8am.  baby just woke up with big fearful cry, now suckling at breast, and has then done the usual lurching back and says "Dada" and now wants to be awake.  oops.  maybe we should all just take to the big bed now.  oh but there is that topic on rickets .... hmm.  oh well i have done the best i can since i've had no real sleep in 12 months.  i'll just keep thinking of my little one to get me thru.

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Vicki said...

Hi Jill,
What a lovely reply! Thank you so much. I think your blog is really lovely, it's the sort I like, no pretentious photos or recitations of a life that one could never live, unlike Rhonda's, Down to Earth, I do aspire to take on her gems of wisdom. I am sending you 'Bonne Chance' wishes for your sleep....superwoman...but soon Che will be more settled during the night and then your brain can catch up! I think if the only reason that you blog is for your family its good enough, it will be a treat to look back on in years to come when you've forgotten all the little things, when che is a grown man and forging his own life, for you to look at photos of him as a baby looking up at you with those gorgeous eyes will suddenly bring back all the warm feelings, the funny things, the learning steps and the infinite love he brought into your life, all in a heart beat. And you'll be so glad you did. As for constant thoughts of the next post, how did you read my mind! And I've only put one up!