Saturday, December 18, 2010

birthday boy, beach boy, last summer of baby boy

Happy birthday to our little man.  We had a small gathering of some groovy people we have only just met  from playgroup.  The kiddies were of different ages but it seemed to work well.  Our new friends made the day special.  Thanks heaps. xxx

The next day busy packing to go on our little beach holidy that we planned months ago.  In hindsight maybe trying to do too much at this normally hectic time of the year.  Exam done and dusted.  Think may have got through but I will not find out until mid January.

We rented a dog friendly cottage in Currarong beach on the south coast of NSW.  It lies on Jervis bay.  This old fibro shack was built in the 1930's.  Its was a tiny one bedroom beach hut with views directly onto the water.  Pretty cute don't you think?

We were lucky with the weather. Our little man spent the days playing in the rockpools and sorting through the shells, seaweed, anemones and flotsam and jetsam and digging many sand holes to match Dannyboy.

I took the plunge with a new swim suit into the water.  It was pretty cold.  It took my breath away.  The doggies had a pretty good time too.  I think they miss living by the water.

5 days with no computer, emails, TV.  I had plans of starting a novel but ended up taking some time to really just sit and be, and gaze onto the water.  We ate very simply steak, fish cooked on the BBQ.  I sat breast feeding thinking how next Summer might be quite different.  Our little one will be much bigger, I may not be feeding him anymore, he will be running not crawling and will not be a handy little bundle in my arms.


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Vicki said...

Dear jillian,
What a precious snapshot of birthday, holiday and I love that word! The photo of you holding Che at the window is my favourite. I know that area as I have a daughter who lives at Ulladulla with a 19 month old and another daughter was at the military base there for a course, I attended a Christmas party with her a few years back and was astounded at the number of kangaroos. You really have such a motherly grasp on what Che needs, playgroup, celebrations, a family holiday with so many new experiences waiting. Well done and hats off to you.