Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today began with waking, feeling, "hey that was not such a bad night". Our son was happy to sleep by himself. He did wake once for a 3am feed/nappy change and then happy to go back down straight away. I have co-slept for 5 months and have over the last few weeks being making baby steps of putting him down when he is already asleep in his own room. From early on Che has been having daytime naps quite happily in his room/cot. Gently gently we have been making the transistion to blocks of time in the night as well. Usually around 3- 4am he wants to be awake and starts his kicking/acting out his new milestones and wants to be up, held and walked around for and hour or so. Lying in bed next to him was like being in a moshpit. It was torture. Last night he was peacefully resettled. He then awoke around 6.45am laughing and giggling to himself. My plan is to gradually reduce the breasfeeds after midnight as gradually solids are introduced.

Che was showing all the signs of being developmentally ready for solids. So this am sat him up in highchair, making pear and apricot puree. Turned my back and heard thud! There is baby lying flat on his face, on the floor, having hit the kitchen table on the way down. The mechanism on the front tray did not hold. He cried immediately. Wow the feeling of dread was so immense. Such a high pitched cry and distress. I quickly snuggled him into my breast for a feed and to then sit back and assess for any injuries. A big brusier along right brow. No broken skin, all limbs and organs intact. No signs of concussion.

I was actually trying also to get ready for work this am. Should I call and say cannot make it? Felt so bad. Your mind races wondering if any internal damage. You think the worst; even mild head injury can cause long term subtle problems with behaviour.

Managed to get to work. Managed lots of complex problems, home to my baby. He seems ok. But this afternoon having a big nap. Well not sure what this night might hold.

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Tween said...

How's Che overnight? Got over his head bump?