Saturday, May 29, 2010


Sorry something wrong with my blogger, as I am having problems uploading photos and writing text together.  Wanted to post many photos, could only post one.

So much rain it is a real test of your patience.  All these great plans, being extra organised. Having the house ready for sale. All so boggy.

We have finished our back deck ,made with spotted gum. Now putting the steps together in the rain.  We have been in the process of cleaning out the garage.  As most of our work has been done with recycled building materials we accumulated so much flotsam and jetsam.  My man is so keen on treasures along the roadside, it has become pathological.

Using freecycle we have made new homes for all the bits and pieces.  What a great service.  Even half empty tins of paint/degreaser/plastering materials.  Amazing.  It is a whole online community in itself.

The inside of our house looks like a chinese laundry as making an effort not to use the dryer.  We have the combustion fire going and if started early enough makes the house so toasty.  I have started decluttering the house and it feels good to have things looking more  streamlined and functional.  Hoping to redecorate with some good op shop finds.  But  the process can become quite draining, as not for us.

Our little  man has remarkably recovered from his fall. Hardly noticed the damage the next day.  I have done a big think about this whole starting of solids thing.   Our little man seemed so keen, but has not really enjoyed the whole puree thing.  As drummed into the contestants on Masterchef, food is all about texture and creating memorable moments.  I'm afraid rice cereal and green mush does nil for me, so why should it for him.  So after a lot of reading feel inspired to take the baby led approach, as always one's intuition leads back to this premise.  Some good inspiring stuff on tribal baby, thank you

Going to get wellies out and ventureto the veggie patch.  Rocket salad for lunch.



LME said...
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LME said...

So lovely to read your blog, to have a little glimpse inside your home and to see the gorgeous's been a long time!

Just had to comment about the baby-led weaning...we're doing the same thing with Grace (it's pretty much what we did with Noah, too). No purees for us. Just nice healthy finger food and loaded spoons which are finding their way into her mouth more and more with every meal. She's also sitting at the table with us during all meals and having nimbles of whatever we're having, so long as it's not sugary or salty. There's still a lot of food finding the floor, her hair, my hair...but hey,'s fun and she loves doing it for herself. I don't think she'd allow me to spoon feed her even if I wanted to!
Anyway, just wanted to say hi and to let you know we'd love to see you if you get a chance one of these Fridays.

Lisa x

sean the prawn said...

Jill, I was sorry to hear if Che having that fall.. It is amazing how fast & easily those accidents can occur. Glad he is now OK.
Your blog is looking fab by the way!!