Tuesday, May 11, 2010

in the light of day

In the light of day new strength is gained. New energy is siphoned from deep within. I am sleeping so poorly no wonder my son is so wakeful as well. Thoughts racing. The night seems to go on forever. Then the Kookaburras start their cocophony and yes everything will be ok. The day will arrive and I can move more forward. Where am I going. Destination unknown.

My baby is 5 months old today. This morning he reached up and put his fingers in my mouth as we lay together listening to the birds on the break of dawn. His smile melts my heart.

We have a gentle rhythm emerging in our daily ploddings. Che especially loves his walk in the morning and afternoon with his 2 pooches scurrying by his side. These days in the fall are so beguiling. They make one meditate and meander. Rather than trying to endur the extreme heat or cold.

Life and relationships and people can be so complicated. The innocence of a child makes me remember the simplicity of just being.


sean the prawn said...

He is truely a handsome devil..His two doggy brothers looks very proud.
Look how happy Che is in that photo there must be a lot of love going his way. Keep digging deep for that energy it is around this 5-6months that I found myself feeling very fatigued..The next 6 months gets easier as you start to get those smiles & giggles in return for all that hard work.xx Leah B.

Damaris said...

This is a lovely lovely post. I just found you via Rummey Bears. I saw a comment you left about being a new mama and I thought I would leave a comment because every mama (new and old) deserve some sympathy.

I totally know how you feel about the nights being looong. I have a 4 year old who NOW sleeps like a champ and an 8 month old that does not. We'll just leave it at that.

Good luck.

Margot said...

Happy boy, Happy Mama x