Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well so many jobs pulling at my brain. I am addicted to rumaging through everyones most beautiful blogs, feel bereft when it comes down to sitting and writing for myself. I decided to try as it looked like fun and also appears to be positively affirming to your very being? or is it a only a 2 dimensional sanitized version???
Anyway what I have set myself for this year is
1. mothering
2. being a better partner
3. living more simply, within our means
4. returning to work as a GP, have already started since bub was only 5 weeks old, has been a bit stressful
5. Continue to breast feed as long as possible. This has been challenging of late with working, expressing, and Che not concentrating on the job, lots of snacking and constant feding from midnight to dawn.
6. A biggy is we have decided to sell our house. We have put our heart and soul into this house, there was so much to do , probably beyond us. Falling pregnant was a huge surprise. Our energies and monies we want to have more for us as a family. So getting the house ready to look like something our of county style magazine has us obssessed on all the jobs to do. And it will not be for us. I hope we find a buyer that loves what we have done and can continue with the vibe, and not pull the old girl down.
7. Also am doing postgrad diploma of child health, requiring lots of updates and study. Am very much behind. But so sleep deprived.

Wish could be Mama baking cakes and pulling out a few weeds in vegie plot. Need to foster more creative thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

how about 5 acres of gamba grass for your weeds. Not too creative and the babies hate it when you do it but your arms get toned. XXXX