Saturday, December 3, 2011

around here

There is the heady scent of the invasive honeysuckle and the fickle spring weather which means sometimes nudie and then the next day wrapped up in our scarfs and cords.

It has taken some time to adjust being back in the Eastern Metropolis.  The days go quickly and there just has not been time to come and post here.  Although I have been around to visit you all most days, but have not been up to the commitment of late.

I do cherish the connections I have made here.  Your spaces really light up my day and forge me into being a functional person and not so introspective.

I do find my work isolating even though I am with people everyday.  There are people I would really like to befriend and make play dates with their children but I have no other way of connecting outside of work and wonder if it is inappropriate to initiate a social connection.

It has just been the timing that has not matched well in making opportunities to be more connected with others.

How do you find it?  Being connected with the local.  There are many more ways I know that I need to seek out.  And more time.
Our family is well. Our Danny boy back lab is still wagging his tail, now eating his dinner and loving his daily walk, despite the cancer diagnosis.  WE WILL BE BASKET CASES WHEN HE IS NO LONGER WITH US.  But until then we love and cuddle him every day.

Chester our Cavoodle had the most dreadful haircut from the Broken Hill RSPCA.  It was almost shameful to take him out.  He looked like a pea head on a sausage.  I think I should learn  how to clip myself.

Marty travels 3 hours one way on the train for his work in the city.  We do love it here but we really have been missing our old friends on the coast.  Hence a bit too much time on .

We both have been asked to return to work in BH.

So , yes, we are a bit all over the place.

One week now for a birthday for an almost two year old who can count to four, knows his primary colours and  his very frequent phrase is " go away Mama" and then has a melt down if I do.

I have done no party preparations or even thought about Christmas.  This is my project for the weekend.

Thanks for reading if you have come  this far.

Much love



trudi@maudeandme said...

You have lots to think about!
Firstly is there a playgroup in your area, or can you start one? It is a great way to meet other mums aswell as for your little one. There is the Playgroup Association that might point you in the right direction.But once he starts preschool you will meet other mums/dads and their kids.
Secondly 3 hours one way!! I thought my husband had it tough 3 hours total.
And it doesn't hurt to look at! Call it research!

Felicity said...

Your warm, honest writing always touches me Jill and I hope that as this weekend unfolds that you are all wrapped in a bubble of love, giggles, cuddles and soft sunshine...the rest will unfold as it should so best not to spend too much time worrying about it.

Happy days,
x Felicity

A Farmer's Wife said...

So lovely to read your post Jill. The work/social balance is a bit tricky - I may email you I think.

Your little man is growing and looks gorgeous.


Jane said...

Hi Jill, great to hear from you. You sound a bit 'overloaded' with with thoughts, i love the way you can write it down. I was needing to badly last week, but couldn't find the words. Your little man is doing wonderfully well, that is a timeless photo you took of him on the doorstep. I do hope you find clarity about where you need to be as a family. That is a mammoth trip each day for your husband. You took a brave leap and went to BH and that worked out. The answer will come probably when you least expect it. As Louise Hay would say, 'trust the process of life'.
I do know what you mean too about work/social aspect and it must be so difficult in your position. I love Trudi's idea of the playgroup, it saved my life when mine were little and it was great because regardless of what our backgrounds, jobs or professions were, when we gathered we were mothers first.
hugs for Danny, the gorgeous boy.
hugs for you too. Jane x

Jane said...

Oh, Sweetheart. You do sound a little overwhelmed. Please be kind to yourself and take a little breather - you've been through so much change lately. No need to apologise for your absence - I'm not going anywhere! J x

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Life is a roller coaster isn't it?? Love that naked squishy bottom, my 4 were born in Darwin, Tropics = LOTS of nudity (also they toilet train really quickly as there is little to unbottom or bother with).
Yay for December babies, unless you are currently 9 months pregnant & due in December, that isn't pretty, oh the memories.
I am all over the place too, this time of year, with children leading their own lives, i'm just cruising along in the background, hanging for a new year & huge new beginnings. Love Posie

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

I feel for you. Community connections will come, you just need to give them time to develop. I know it's at least three years away for you yet, but there's nothing like school to make your area almost magically open up with people and kids you didn't even know existed.

Seems your biggest hurdle right now is working out where you want to be. Deep breaths, take things one step at a time and you'll work it out. x

Catherine said...

It sound like there is lots of things that are going around in your mind at the moment, it's good to get things out to help get some clarity. I hope things become clearer, that you get some time to sit and quietly listen. The photos of your little boy is so special Jill. He sounds like he is growing nicely and learning lots, it's such a fun age one of my favourites. I hope that you had a chance to relax over the weekend. Take care. xx

Sandrine said...

You are a strong clever grounded lady Gill, I am sure things will work for you...I hope you can find your balance and connections really soon x

Sandrine said...

Sorry meant Jill! Time for bed! :)

Sally said...

Oh I love those photos so much. Such a lovely time.

I find it hard to make time for the social. I like it ... but it does tire me out. There are not enough hours in the day and these days I like to go slow. Real slow. People around me seem to like to go fast. I catch up with peeps every now and then... and that is enough.

Naturally Carol said...

I used to love those at home nudie days when the boys were tiny! Relationships blossom where they are meant to be..pray..they will happen. Give yourself time to settle in more and consider things...don't rush into anything, there really is no need. Hugs for you.

ms.composure said...

very cute pics!!!