Wednesday, December 7, 2011


                              Do often find time your friend and your foe.  Best if time is slow I think.  Thanks Sally.

Breakfast here often seems to stretch out for 2 hours.   Up at 5.30am, cuddle and breast feed ( our only one left ) and then the snacking begins.  Trying to get some protein to last the morning.  Having almond meal in our porridge.  A tea cup seems to appeal.

Made borscht from Women's weekly slow cooker recipe book.  I  through caution into the wind and invited Babcia over for an early tea.  This recipe was probably more of the Russian style.  The Polish version has more beetroot and less cabbage and the potatoes are served as a side dish rather than within.  I got lots of great tips and next time I will also add some white beans and more vinegar.  It was pretty yummy with natural yoghurt on top.

                                                                                Oh and of course lots of dill.

Thanking you lovely ladies for your kind words of friendship and encouragement on my last post.  The days go by and being your real self is what matters most.   Sending you all warm and caring thoughts and hope you have the time to day to breath and be.

A new place I like to go and practice my french.  The lights and the words are very calming.  Ledansla.


Felicity said...

Another lovely montage from your home Jill - thank you for sharing.

Am off to have a peek at Ledansla now.

Happy day!

Naturally Carol said...

This post is a lot calmer, I love your morning images and words too. Breathe on!

Mika @ Blue and the Girl said...

I really love the first photo - your space looks so calm.
And the reflections on the window....incredibly beautiful!

Catherine said...

Oh that bunting is so sweet and that mirror is beautiful, such a calm space. Che looks like he loves his porridge I bet it tastes much yummier in a cup;) It's so nice that you can spend some quality time together. Glad to hear that you are feeling more refreshed today. xx

A Farmer's Wife said...

Your home looks so cosy and pretty Jill.

Take care.