Saturday, September 24, 2011

my dreamer boy

It tickles your heart when you catch your little one in deep thought. Pondering the breeze, the birds, the afternoon light.  The change that you see in their eyes.  The world opening up to them.  This is such an adorable time.

Last Friday night we stumbled upon a opening at the local Art Exchange in South Broken Hill.  We had already been out for an early dinner.  The sun had just gone down.  Artists in residence were displaying their most recent work.  I impulsively put a red sticker next to one.  There were 2 older boys, brothers and they were so sweet in playing with Che Che.  Oh the joy of staying up late and running around in the moonlight.  I spotted Che looking at the boys who were doing push-ups on the concrete outside.  In the early hours of Saturday morning after the ritualised breast feed, I spotted him in the lounge room by himself trying this new manoeuvre.

Bigger boys have a big impression on him. 


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh how cute!! My children did a push up kind of crawl, they all have fantastic arms now?? I love watching children interact with toddlers, it's fascinating & the behaviour is excellent. I swear the best babysitter for a toddler is like a 10 year old, they are just that perfect height, age, interest. My children are baby magnets, so wonderful with other people's children.
Did you get the art?? Love Posie

A Farmer's Wife said...

They just idolise "big kids". Very cute.

Felicity said...

If you were ever to create a new header for your blog Jill, this image would be perfect.

You've just introduced me to a new term which I absolutely adore "tickles my heart' so evocative and true for this story.

Happy days - I hope we get to see your latest art acquisition sometime down the track.

Happy weekend with your deux chiens et deux garcons.

Naturally Carol said...

Your baby is growing up! Exciting. It is amazing how much they take in from other kids. I smile though when I picture him trying to do pushups..hehe!

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

A beautiful, beautiful image Jill. Agree, our little ladies are besotted with bigger kiddies. Would love a peek at this artwork?

Thankyou for popping over my way this evening to leave a lovely little comment that warmed my heart. Very special indeed.

Hugs xoxoxox


Jane said...

Oh , how precious indeed, Jill. And I totally agree with Felicity about that divine photo. J x

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I love how, with all the images that get presented to them in one day, there is one that sticks with them, one that becomes them, that they try out themselves.


Vicki said...

Ah, you're living in the moment Jill. What a nice Friday night, funny how art can bring back memories of where it was bought, I bought a painting of a water scene with boats at a market at Berrima school eons ago and every time I look at it I can see the tall gums and wattle.
Che looks great in blue!

Jane said...

Hi Jill
'tickles your heart' is such a beautiful thing to say. i know the feeling instantly! As i'm in the midst of reading "the art of racing in the rain", i can't help wondering what the dogs are thinking too! I hope you will share a piccie of the artwork you purchased. I'm afraid your time in Broken Hill will be over way too soon.
Jane x

lovestitch said...

Oh the photo is really adorable! The boy is such a cutie and really "tickles my heart"! I'm glad you had a wonderful moment...
Thank you so much for your kind thoughts on my family as well, that really heartwarming words and meant a lot to me.
Hope you have a gorgeous week ahead!
All the best,
Lovestitch, xo

Catherine said...

Aww that is so cute Jill. They are amazing how much they absorb and what resonates with them. xo

P. S. I hope you get a chance to do some crafting out of your new book too. I think I'll start on something easy so I've bookmarked the tissue holders I think they'll be great for the girls teachers.