Saturday, September 10, 2011

the line of load

The silver line that hangs above Broken Hill, where once it was a thriving mine that supported a town of 35, 000 people.  Now this place is a monument.  Upon it now is the architecturally striking Miner's Memorial and The Broken Earth Restaurant.  This town is no longer dominated by mining folk, but it certainly seems defined by them.

Tonight we ventured up there with our toddler for a sunset and a Broken Earth meal.  Don't you love it when the waitress takes your little one by the hand, when he is screaming up and down the entrance, and leads him to his chair where textas and torn bits of white paper await and glass of watered down juice that we didnt even think to ask for.  I could have kissed her.  Little converstations occur and then she pours us a drink mentioning her own little girl of 6 years.  Bless her.

We steered clear of the marsupials and devoured a haloumi and mushroom stack and ironically seafood.  Che and I are both a bit sensitive with our tummies as we have had the dreaded gasto bug.  The last 2 days I have been unable to be vertical. Poor little man.  Dada has been holding the fort and  running to keep us hydrated and disposing of some armageddon nappies.  But tonight we all felt recovered and so needed to get out of the house.

It was nice to leave a well deserved tip.

As we were leaving there was a special meet of people holding lanterns for children with cancer.  A lovely finish for our evening.

Bless those Mamas that are working while their little one sleeps.

Bless those little ones that suffer so.

Bless those who are missing their loved ones on such an anniversary of  September 11, 2001

Peace to you.



A Farmer's Wife said...

Somewhere, there is always a mother working while her babies sleep....

Take care Jill.

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Beautiful, beautiful post Jill xox

Those lanterns make my skin tingle. I adore people who just seem to 'get it' when a little one needs a distraction. I had a moment like this earlier in the week while in a store. Little Bloss decided to have a huge tanty and a lovely older lady came over....sat with her on the floor with the two of them in the end engaged in a little conversation. xox

Happy Weekend Jill and thanks for popping over my way. I am going to look up the film now.



Jane said...

Hi Jill
what a wonderful waitress you had to pay attention to Che. We've had the vomit/gastro bug here too. Love the evening photos of Broken Hill. Happy day to you and yours. Jane x

Felicity said...

Oh Jill you've brought stinging tears to my eyes with your final words. What a glorious post.

I'm so pleased that you have somewhere special that you can go to for a well-deserved treat and I hope that everything is return to kilter this week.

Biggest of hugs,
Felicity xx

tea with lucy said...

love the rawness of the landscape and the big sky in these pictures.

that waitress sounds like a gem.


Seana Smith said...

I have really enjoyed looking at those photos, they remind me of a trip out to Broken Hill and Silverton with a couple of friends about 20 years ago... big long road trip, great fun... when we were young and daft and full of nonsense.

We went down a mine with an old ex-miner and that was a visit which made a huge impression on me. The heat! I must take my children there.

The Franglaise said...

these landspace photos are so peaceful to look at. truly beautiful.
ps: I'm intrigued about your blog name - any relation with France?