Monday, October 11, 2010

an anniversary and one month onwards

In the last month we have packed up and moved house that is a 3 hour drive south.  We moved on from our intense renovations and much treasured beachside house and community.  But also from a mortgage that was crippling us.  I do miss that life though.

Che had made some lovely little friends from the mother's group of the killer summer 2009/10.

We have had to rug up and find new paths to tread every day.

The rear of our rented cottage backs directly onto to Bowral Creek with a lovely gentle slope of a walk with views to the surrounding farms on the hillsides.

We have had a few issues with not wanting to eat our solids and just wanting to feed on the booby all the time.  Poor sausage having to deal with the move, strange house and Dada going away for 4 days and then getting our first real sickness with high temperatures of 40 degrees, no wonder.
We visited the local early childhood nurse for a weigh in check up etc   We now are 9.4 kg and 74 cm long.  And yes I know I do all the wrong things.  i.e  feeding to sleep, feeding through the night, not teaching him how to self settle, co-sleeping.  But its the only way I can manage and comfort him.  We are splurging out on a new bed.   King size and it is going to be lush.

Our little man is standing up and cruising around the furniture.  More concentrated effort has been required to baby-proof the house and the backyard.  I think Che's temperament is one of those superactive types.  We are trying  for him to do something with other kids most days.  Playgroup, kindermusic, swim lessons, storytime at local library and lots of walks in the bush.  He is a different baby after these activities.

Spring is here, but the weather has been very dramatic.  Lots of dark skies , soft constant drizzle. But I've decided to not winge about the weather.

Today our son is 10 months old.  So proud of you.  You make my heart melt.

I did say that in the new house,"no dogs on the couch".  Oh well, they've had it hard too.

  ps  now rewinding with Alison.  Hop along for a trip down memory lane for others too.


Anonymous said...

Jill, however daggy, this is lovely! It is amazing how quickly other peoples' babies grow. Enjoy every moment and if you have to co-sleep just make sure to relish it. It won't last for long.

Anonymous said...

You dont do 'all the wrong things' (bloody maternal health nurses!). You do all the right things. Its called child centred parenting, rather than parent centred parenting. !!!! They grow outta all that stuff in their own good time, I reckon anyway. love ya blog. Anne-Marie

jodi said...

so happy that you have settled in. what a beautiful abode to match your gorgeous family x

sean the prawn said...

Happy 10 months to Che.. Hip hooray!! Jill he just keeps getting more& more adorable looking. It seems like you are nestled into a picturesque little nook if the world. Funny that you back onto creek once again. Hope you are all well & Che over those scary high temps. Leah.B. X

Cheers! said...

Darling little guy and super cute doggies too!

HeeWho said...

Soon enough your sweet cheeked little one will be off on his own adventures. Keep him near while you can. He's lovely.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Lovely post! I hope the move has proved successful. It's never easy gong somewhere new, but so much to discover!

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.