Thursday, July 1, 2010

baby led.........

Over the last few weeks we have been through some stress.  We have sold our little wooden house  and do not know where we will be next. The tension has been picked up by our little son, he needs to be near us more than ever.  Hence our nights are cuddled up tight , spooned together.  Feeding  a lot.  Our little one does not really want to eat much yet and I have  decided to just go with the flow here as well  Have decided baby led weaning to be the go for us, defintely.    Like breast feeding it is a matter of trusting your instincts.  Not sucumbing to the pressure of  old worn out prescriptive dos and don'ts.  I would really recommend   Gill Rapely 's approach.

Working in General Practice and realising what parents and families of all backgrounds go through gives me a wonderful perspective on my own experience.  How much the journey is all encompassing.  At times you feel quite vulnerable and inadequate.  Wondering what to do next?/try.  My elderly patients give me little tit bits of uninvited advice and often there are a few gems. Yesterday  the advice was the importance of being a team, being united in your approach, even if you both get it wrong.  There is something solid in this.

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