Thursday, November 10, 2011

home sweet home

And how sweet it is!  Wearied travellers arriving home to a dusted house and lawn all mowed, by sweet family and friends.  To sleep in one's own bed.  Soft grass underfoot.  Forgotten toys making a little boy so full of joy.  Everything is so green.  I feel so comforted by the little things that make up our home.

To say I am weary, well.  Do you have that feeling lying in bed where you feel your body does not exist? I certainly need to start doing some exercise to have some mind-body connection again.

This week has found me dozing at every opportunity.  A rental inspection on Tuesday made us unpack quickly though.  It seems like hundreds of loads of washing has been done and line drying has been snuck in between spring rain.  How sultry has this weather been?

An unfortunate moment occurred on our first weekend here.  Lightly dropping into a garage sale around the corner, within a few seconds of not looking poor Che was attacked by a neighbours Jack Russel and bitten many times over the face,  especially around his left eye.  Mainly puncture wounds and scratches.  He is alright now.  At these times I tend to pull in close and not lash out.  No reports made.  Owners feel guilty enough.

Already, there are plans being put to tempt us on more adventures.  But breathing in the peace and solace of our abode.

Much love


Bridget said...

Sounds like heaven to be back in a place of such comfort. But poor Che!!! What a scary thing to go through. Hoping he has recovered well x

trudi@maudeandme said...

How scary for you all with the dog attack. Only yesterday my kids had a special visitor to the school telling them how to approach(or not to) unknown dogs. The thought was there, but not really sure how practical their advice was. Hope it doesn't scare Che away from the beautiful creatures.

Felicity said...

I exhaled a little knowing that you're home safely.
No doubt you will be seeing things through a different lens of appreciation and perspective for some time.

As for Che, I swore aloud when I read that and hope that he's healing well inside and out.

Can't wait to hear about your next adventurous plans!

Biggest of happy hugs!
Felicity x

Jane said...

Oh Jill what an awful fright for little Che, then you! Love and hugs for the little man.
there's no place like home hey, happy to hear you are glad to be back there. happy days ahead. Jane x

Jane said...

Oh Jill what an awful fright for little Che, then you! Love and hugs for the little man.
there's no place like home hey, happy to hear you are glad to be back there. happy days ahead. Jane x

Jane said...

So great to see you back home, Jill. But I'm horrified about the dog attack on poor little Che. The public liability lawyer in me is most concerned. Is he okay? Has he seen a doctor? Will he need plastic surgery? Sending him a huge Hobart ♥ J x

Sandrine said...

Oh no! I hope little Che recovers well...That must have been so traumatic for you all!I am afraid I have not go much tolerance over animals that behave this way...
Your home looks so sweet and I am glad that you are enjoying the little things green and happy now :) Take good care xx

sean the prawn said...

Jill, I'm so pleased that you feel at ease to be home again, and that it feels like home with family & all your treasured belongings around you.
Really very sorry to hear of Che's unfortunate incident with that dog. Amazing just how fast accidents can happen. I hope he isn't too traumatised by it all. It sounds like his eye is ok, I hope that's correct.
Extra cuddles all round after a mishap like that. Take care & love to Martin, Che, Dan & Chester. X

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

How very scary. At least you can all bunker down in your lovely home. I always love coming home - even from a holiday, let alone a change like you had. Enjoy yourselves. x

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Jill, terrible to hear of your sweet boy being attacked by the dog. I hope he's healing well. Great that you're home again safely and in amongst your own stuff. I do recognise those cushions on your bed!

lamina @ do a bit said...

Oh no your poor little man... how scary and terrifying for you and him!! I am always suspicious of every dog we come across... you just never know! Hope he is feeling better now!

There is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed after a trip away.. heaven! :)

Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

There is nothing like your own bed but the pull of ravelling makes you excited for the next time I(after all the washing is done and long been put away of course).
I adore that check suitcase and we used to have those aluminium cups when we were little.

Kim H said...

I'm just catching up on all your news, Jill. I haven't been here in awhile and I so regret it! {not being here, that is!}. Your home is a delight. It must feel so lovely to be back. If I was you I would make those suggestions of catch ups with work peeps. It's the only way to make connections in these extra busy lives we all lead.
The dog incident must have been so scary for both you and Che. I hope his face is healing well and that he doesn't have any dog phobias after such a scare. xx