Saturday, November 13, 2010

the pledge to be thrifty

Well we have been residing in our new abode for  2 months now and have been very tempted by certain purchases to make our days comfy.  I confess there are some things we have purchased new but I do find it hard how it could be otherwise.  We splurged out on a new king size bed.  But how can you buy a second hand mattress?? My old mattress was already 15 years old and has been up and down this continent.  And then of course you need new linen.  Grannies I do not think had such need to lie in star fashion  in their beds next to their loved ones.  But they still probably had many little bodies lying next to them.

And alas our printer went kaplunk.  Urgent run down to local electrical appliance store as needed to keep studying +++ and Marty had urgent stuff to make sense of in hard copy.  Mind you the whole of the next day was consumed by installing and trouble shooting this contraption.   GRrrrrrr.

Feel  happy about our dining set.  Table from neighbourhood garage sale and chairs from local vintage wares market.  Whole set together $220.  Found granny chic hand embroided table cloth yesteday.  Lovely.

We miss having fresh herbs growing out  our back door so have started making a potted garden in a our  paved area.  The clever little snails love eating the spinach though.  We have also started our worm farm again and the wiggly lovelies are doing their magic.

We have decided to stay here in this house for another year.  We are not ready to embark on home ownership and the fall down the vortex of renovations and cringe every time interest rates are raised.  Finishing my studies in Paediatrics and then looking more at being healthy and spending more relaxed time with bub, man and doggies is on the agenda.

Little man is now 11 months old.  He is just starting to point and babbles constantly in his own language.  Less screaming to communicate is so nice thank you very much.  We must learn though to be more wary of bossy 3 year olds.

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